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Kalligráphos Bruta - A desordem das palavras - “The disorder of words”

2017 This project was commissioned by SESC (A non governmental Social Service in Brazil), and was developed for the external area of its headquarters at Santana, São Paulo, Brazil. The work consists in a calligraphic composition painted with flat brush and using a white synthetic enamel on glass. The wall is composed by 15 double layer panels of glass, painted on both sides in a total area of 108m2. The disorder of words is its main idea is to take off the readability of words and give them an invisibility generated by an aesthetic treatment that turns them into images that provoke the curiosity of the citizen who passes by the place to try to decipher them and to order them . Expressive and gestural handwriting takes from the slogans the order proposed by the writing itself. Heavy geometric and sans serif letters mixed with fat gothic letters made with a 4“ brush, are overpainted with small brushes using words of command forming a lot of layers. The effect of multilayers is reinforced by a glass transparency and its thickness.