calligraphy, lettering, type design, letter carving, sign writing, pixel pushing, etc

Bruta la Caligrafia - O amor sempre vence - Love always wins

2017 Performance during the opening of the exhibition Kaligrapho et non Kalligrápho at Centro Cultural Brasil en Bolívia, La Paz, as part of the official exhibitions of Bienal del Cartel Bolívia 2017. Video made by my friend Alberto Montt. This performance consists in writing using letters overlayed and mixing traces using just one tool, a flat brush. Acrylic on the wall. This technique is something I've been practicing and developing for a huge time, about three or four years. It's part of the techniques that Il call “Bruta, La Caligrafia̦”, mass of text as stones generating an effect of a block of stones. I use geometric forms painting with a almost dry brush resulting a type of trace more characteristic of a chisel.