calligraphy, lettering, type design, letter carving, sign writing, pixel pushing, etc


It's a new collection of my calligraphy works and in the form and performance aspects, it's on the base of Tachism and Minimalism styles. Minimalism style somehow is an end for Modern art and a commence for the Postmodern period. Naghashikhat (Typography), especially in Iran known as a style that combines the modern painting and traditional calligraphy, is categorized in Postmodern methods. so i worked this typographical collection emphasizing on minimal perform. about the concept, i asked myself how would be happening if the word of "You" deleted in poems? and so maybe the answer to the greatest question between philosophers about "Existence" could be "you"! and exactly could be the combination of "you" and "me". for this reason, i wrote just this two words.