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"HOW TO" tips for Lettering.com!

A few tips on how to use the site.

Thanks very much for your interest in our community!

If you want to make your User folder visible to the public, navigate to the folder, and in the tool-bar, under "State" select "Internally Published". This will make it visible to logged-in Members. Go back to the "State" Menu and select "Externally Visible" which will make the folder and its contents public.

You can add files and folders to your own folder using the "Add New..." button, and change the visibility in the same way. A private state means that no-one but yourself (or an administrator) will be able to see, open or link to the contents of the folder.

To make your folder info a gallery, choose "Display>Gallery View" from the tool-bar. You can also add a new sub-folder in which to make a gallery.

There's a setting to allow "Previous-Next" function in the folder which adds a control to flip through the content, aside from the 'gallery' function.

To enable this, go to the folder, and click "edit" in the toolbar, then, under the Settings tab, check "enable Prev-Next"

In the same location, you can enable "discussion" which offers a simple comment form for logged-in members only. We do not allow anonymous comments.


Currently, the gallery type is "Highslide" which is a cross-browser compatible slide-show gallery.

(See the PloneTrueGallery add-on page for more!)

Clicking on the image icons to the left in the folder will also open a view window.

Click "Gallery Settings" at the bottom of the tool bar to change the settings for this folder/gallery.

There are lots of settings, but the main thing is "Gallery Display Type"

In my folder, I'm using the "HighSlide" gallery type which immediately opens a slide-show .


To move items from folder to folder, go to the "content" view (click Contents in the tool-bar). Select what ever items you want to move, and click "cut", then go to the destination folder and click 'paste'

To create a series of pages from a template, just make the template page (add new>page) save it, then copy and paste as many copies as you need.

If you need many copies, paste a few times, then copy multiples, and paste those!


The TinyMCE editor allows you both WYSWYG and html editing for content pages.

There are restrictions on certain tags and styles in the html for security and functional concerns.




Plone 5 is a free and open-source Web Content Manager package, built in python and the zope object db.